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MBI Mini Platform Cell

MBI Mini Platform Cell

Miniature Platform Load Cell

  • 10x overload protection
  • Eccentric load compensated*
  • Sealed construction
  • High accuracy
  • Patent pending design

The MBI-2KG was designed specifically for medical and similar OEM applications where compact size and ruggedness are particularly important. A small platform or cup can be fitted to the upper side and the moment compensation (on *option -255) will permit accurate weighing regardless of the sample position, providing continuous reliable measurements in normal daily use.

Mechanical stops machined during production allow the unit to withstand large overloads up to 10x capacity, this helps prevent accidental damage caused by incorrect operation or misuse. The overload mechanism does not require adjustment or maintenance. Option -254 has less rigid moment compensation specifications and is aimed at applications with suspended loads or where resistance to off-axis loads is less important. The small physical size allows incorporation into enclosures with limited space and is ideal for portable equipment.

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  • 10x overload protection
  • Eccentric load compensated*
  • Sealed construction
  • High accuracy
  • Patent pending design
  • Compact size
Parameter Units Opt-254 Opt-255*
Capacity kg 2
Rated output mV/V 1.6 ± 10%
Non-linearity %FS (max) 0.02
Hysteresis %FS (max) 0.02
Temperature range
- Compensated
- Operating

°F (°C)
°F (°C)

70 - 170 (21-77)
-40 - 175 (-40 - 80)
Temp effect on Zero %RO/100°F ± 0.2
Temp effect on Output %/100°F ± 0.08
Creep, in 20 mins % ± 0.025
Input resistance Ohms 395 ± 3.5
Output resistance Ohms 250 ± 3.5
Insulation resistance Megohms 5000
Zero balance % RO ± 5.0
Barometric sensitivity   0
Eccentric sensitivity %/inch ± 0.30 ±0.02
Safe axial overload % capacity 1000
Safe mounting torque in-lb 12
Deflection inch/mm 0.011/0.28
Excitation nominal V dc or ac 10 (15 max)
Dimensions mm 69.9 x 29.5 x 12.7
Weight without cable lb 0.14
Fatigue rating (tension) Cycles (min) 50000 @ capacity Tension
Material   AI 2024-T351

Wiring Code

Red - Positive excitation
Blue - Negative excitation
Green - Positive signal
White - Negative signal

Available Downloads

Dimensions 69.9mm x 29.5mm x 12.7mm 

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  • MBI miniture platform load cell
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