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LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Tester

LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Tester

Hand Held Load Cell Tester

  • Continuous signal readout
  • Checks linearity and repeatbility
  • Industrial 8 pin screw connector
  • ABS enclosure with protective case
  • Easy to use, hand held device

The LCT-1 is a battery powered, hand held tester that can be used to test load cells or any strain gauge torque transducer or pressure sensor.

The LCT-1 is easy to use with linearity and repeatability tests carried out without user intervention.  Results are displayed via the 16 x 2 line alphanumeric display. Connecting your 4 or 6 wire load cell is easy via the built-in connector’s rising clamp terminals

The case is made from tough ABS and is supplied with a rubberized cover, just in case it gets dropped !

  • Continuous signal readout provides testing of both repeatability and linearity 
  • Tests your load cell without user inervention
  • Supplied with rubberized case for drop protection 
  • Built in 8 pin industrial connector 
  • Size 150mm x 80mm x 28mm
  • Weight 250 grams 
  • LCF-1 Load Cell Tester 

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